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If you are a yacht owner, the daily care of your luxury boat may seem overwhelming. Our professional team is here to offer full support for the care of your yacht. We dock and operate yachts for people who do not have full time crew and staff. Leaving the details to professionals is a smart way to protect your investment. At Yeager Marine Associates, we are experts in all the financial, technical, legal, and safety issues regarding yacht ownership. We offer excellent dock management and will hire and manage a full crew.

Choosing Yeager Marine Associates for yacht management in Fort Lauderdale, FL can significantly reduce your operating costs. We can address maintenance issues immediately and schedule routine care for your investment. Our staff will keep a close eye on your budget and expenses. We record all purchases and offer frequent communication with our clients.

With our full yacht operation management services, we will handle all of your administrative and legal requirements. We will make sure you are compliant with all regulations and laws, file all permits, and perform dock management. Our staff handles all the background checks, employment contracts, and documentation of the captain and crew.

We are serious about your safety, and our experienced safety managers will take care of all aspects of maritime regulations. We implement proper measures to ensure that your vessel is always compliant with international yachting laws and requirements. Since laws are different for each type and size of yacht, we will work out all the details for your continued peace of mind.

Our professional team is ready to assist you with all aspects of yacht management. We understand that each yacht owner is unique, and we offer a combination of flexible services that will meet your specific needs. We are here to take the management of your investment off your shoulders so that you can thoroughly enjoy your travels.

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